"My long term partner had left me for a friend of mine and I couldn't seem to find my way out of the depression and anger I felt. Negative thoughts were affecting my every waking minute and the situation was ruining my life.
I knew that I had made the right choice in seeking Diana's help from the start... her wisdom and understanding were obvious immediately, and her insight helped me to comprehend the bigger picture surrounding my situation, teaching me to identify and take responsibility for myself, and let go of that which I could not control.  The deeper understanding of myself, other people and the world around me that I learned from Diana will stay with me for life. Her methods are second to none and I would recommend her to anyone. I have nothing but the highest respect for the service she provides, it should be compulsory."

"When I met Diana almost ten years ago I was not ready to address personal issues, but made a mental note that in the future Diana would be someone I would like to work with. Later a colleague of mine started seeing Diana on a professional level. The results were a dramatically positive shift in thinking, in a relatively short period of time. I noticed Diana equipped my friend with simple tools to take charge of her life. It was an amazing transition to watch and resulted in our working relationship becoming a long term friendship.
Three years ago I made the decision to leave a marriage that was emotionally damaging. At the time I knew I needed help to move forward in a positive way. I made a commitment to re-connect and work on myself, with Diana's guidance.
It has been an incredible journey, stripping back layers to discover what I stand for. Diana's approach is supportive, intuitive, and focused, allowing me to set the pace whilst continuing to make significant long term changes.
Diana has taught me to accept, love and trust myself, and to make choices based on these principles. Diana is incredibly skilled and makes a difference in people's lives."

"Past issues had caught up with me and all of a sudden I found myself spiralling out of control. Depressed and in despair, not liking the person I had become, I realized I needed to change my reactive behavior as it came with negative consequences which in turn affected the ones I loved most, my friends and family.
Diana helped me change my life.  I instantly liked her as she struck me as being very charismatic, radiating an aura of calmness and compassion.  Through a number of counselling sessions, (using various techniques) we started straightening that kink in my armor. Baring one's soul isn't easy but I always felt safe and secure during those sessions. It took time and tenacity on my part; and love, support, wisdom and knowledge on Diana's. Slowly but surely things started to change. With her help I came to realise I can't change the past but I can accept it and therefore sculpt my future. Everyone deserves inner peace and happiness. The question is how we obtain it, and for me it was through Diana. For that I am truly grateful."

"I decided to seek Diana's help because I was very anxious and unhappy from an accumulation of issues; the immediate problem being an intractable family problem that was decades old, and potentially very destructive.
In helping me look at what was going on in my life Diana was hugely insightful, highly skilled and very professional. She challenged me about what I was doing and how I viewed myself, my relationships and my problems. She helped me to take responsibility for making changes in my life - and suggested simple and practical steps I could take between sessions, as well as strategies for building up my personal strength and developing greater calm. 
Since working with Diana I find I have a much better relationship with people close to me, spend more time on the things that really matter, and live a life more in keeping with my values. I would not hesitate to go back to see her if I felt the need, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to work on personal issues.  Diana is a real person: her openness, authenticity and integrity gave me absolute trust in her."