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Cancer - Don't buy its terror tactics

Published in 2009 by Olive Branch Publishing

In 1990 Diana Newcomb received a terrifying diagnosis - she had bowel cancer. As she was struggling to come to terms with the news and the prospects it implied, she stumbled across a part of herself she had not met before. It was the 'real' Diana, and it was a meeting that precipitated her on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and healing.

Diana reclaimed her health and was inspired to share and teach others the magic she had learned along the way. In 1995 she qualified as a counsellor and has since worked with many cancer patients, both in groups and one-on-one.

Cancer - Don't buy its terror tactics describes both Diana's personal journey and the philosophy and techniques she has developed since that fateful day. Taking a holistic approach, Diana encourages balancing the latest advances in modern technology with ageless wisdom.
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Here's what people have said...

"We have read your book and found the advice you have given on psychological wellbeing and how to improve the quality of life for people with cancer, inspirational. We are sure it will help everyone who reads it."

- Cancer Society of New Zealand

"I think your book is a fascinating combination of personal story and inspiration for people looking for guidance and reassurance. Your own story is so gripping people will relate to your traumas, specially those recently diagnosed, and be drawn into the more technical core of the book. They will then be uplifted by 'Manifesting Miracles' at the end. There's some really valuable advice that can only come from someone who's 'been there'. Good luck with it. It's a tremendous idea."

- Helen Brown Gentry, Author and Journalist

"I would be happy to recommend your book to people who call the 'Cancer Council Help Line' looking for support and guidance in their cancer journey. Your story is very inspiring and your book offers a lot of practical and emotional guidance. I really like how you presented it in such a clear and effective way."

- Claire Kennard: Australian Cancer Council Help Line

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Cancer: Don't buy its terror tactics
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