if you can imagine, it you can dream it, you can become it

my background

Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Prior to becoming ill I had been under a huge amount of emotional stress.  In a nutshell: I learned it would have been a whole lot easier to have dealt with my unhappiness and stress earlier, than being faced with healing my body from a potentially terminal illness. 

After I became well I was motivated to share the 'magic' I had learned, and trained to become a counsellor - in order to teach others to do this for themselves. I have had 15 years experience in private practice working with clients one-on-one, and extended this to group work also, developing and facilitating 'Discovering Balance' workshops.

I have also worked as a Lifeline telephone counsellor, and studied overseas in Australia, USA, UK and South America completing courses in any areas related to my own personal growth, and up-skilling myself to a higher level of proficiency.

my approach

I specialise in Change and Growth Facilitation. I am well qualified to do this because my life experience has been wide, and I personally have faced and overcome big problems - separation, divorce, bereavement, grief, remarriage, blending a family of five teenagers, relocation to a new country - as well as healing my body from cancer. I consider my diverse life experience a vital part of being able to relate to other people and empathise with their problems.

My aim is to provide you with a caring, safe forum to express your innermost feelings and needs. To offer you effective mentoring and support if you are suffering from stress, changes, illness, or are feeling overwhelmed and fearful about the future. I love the challenge of assisting people to develop tools and strategies to bring about positive and lasting results in their lives.

what I can offer you

Face-to-Face Counselling
Available by appointment in my office in Sandspit. Sessions are 1½ hours duration.

Skype Chat
An appointment is organised in advance.  Sessions are 1½ hours duration. Certain conditions apply.

Online counselling by email
You send me one email outlining your problem, concerns or issue. I provide one considered, detailed response to your email within 72 hours.